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*new guy???* - *~tHe FaBuLoUs LiFe Of AlLiSoN StOdDaRd~*
June 15th, 2005
10:58 am


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*new guy???*
ok..so about a week ago ally texted me...and asked me if i would go on a blind date....and that it would be a double date with her and her new boyfriend from pelham! well, of course i was kinda like ...i dunno about that...but she told me he's best friends with her boyfriend and that he saw a pic of me and he wants to meet me! and she said he's a lifeguard....so he can't be to shabby...lol! well i told her i didn't know then...cause i like clark...and like...i would love for things to work out for us...but he's gone for TWO months!!! that's a LONG time...and i mean..we still text each other all the time...but ya know...i dont know...and like the whole thing is the clark-justin situation...is a LOSE-LOSE situation....if i dated clark....and ya know....me and justin would for SURE never be together...which is already highly possible..but ya know..that would seal the deal....but if i was to just like hook up with justin randomly..like in the past....then me and clark would NEVER end up being anything! lol...so maybe it's time to steer clear of cAiRo BoYs!! so i was supposed to meet this guy last nite...but i completly forgot i was helpin out with VBS...lol..me and caprice are in charge of the 3 and 4 year olds...and we got them saying stuff like..."off the chain"..they think its hilarious...and they're parents have no clue what that means...haha! so anyways i think im gonna meet this guy like saturday..im actually pretty excited about it! and ally said that he's already been told to treat me like a princess....lol..it's about time somebody does! i never realized how busy my life had gotten til now....i never have a free day to just chill...well me and caprice went running last nite around town...it was 2.2 miles! not bad...except caprice couldn't run very much...cause she has asma(dont know how to spell it)...and she complained the whole time...lol..but it was funny! well claire is gonna cut and highlight my haire before pictures next week...so that'll be kool! well i think im about to go run....this running thing is actually pretty fun! lol! i love you guys...and thanks for caring enough to read this!

*if loving you is wrong, i dont want to be right*

*the person that makes you smile..is the person that's worth the while*

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Current Music: *mY sMoKiN sOnG-LiL wYtE*

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