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*HAPPY HALLOWEEN* - *~tHe FaBuLoUs LiFe Of AlLiSoN StOdDaRd~*
October 31st, 2005
03:40 pm


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Wow..i almost forgot i had this thing! well today is HALLOWEEN...YAY...we're going trick or treating....NO i am not SHITTING you..lol....like 10 of us girls...really are gonna go! it's gonna be fUn! lol..well life is going great! my senior year is going by so FAST, i haven't talked to justin in a while :( but i guess it's for the best, im planning on moving to athens next year..and i love my friends! lol...life really couldn't get much better (well it could..but wont(! haha! well im super happy...in fact i havent been this happy...since....before i met jud! i guess i'll always miss him...but nobody finds their soulmate at 14..right? m just ready to get out of here. i want to be far away where i wont have to worry about running into him..cause honestly seeing him only makes things worse. but you know what they say..things have to get worse before they can get better. im so excited about moving...i want to go! NOW...get of here is all i want! but i know when graduation comes around..im gonna be sad...cause i love everybody in my grade...and some of the younger..KIDS! im not gonna look back! well..me and clark went to homecoming together...but we're just friends. i guess i really couldn't ever date him...cause it'd be awkward. well that's all for now love you! never forget.....

~im going to see brad paisley november 12th...HELLS YEA!!!~

*my heart can't possibly break..when it wasn't even whole to start with*

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