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*if i'd never seen your face, i probably wouldn't be this way....* - *~tHe FaBuLoUs LiFe Of AlLiSoN StOdDaRd~*
July 12th, 2005
01:22 pm


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*if i'd never seen your face, i probably wouldn't be this way....*
well, i just got home from cheerleading a lil while ago...i dont have to work tonight cause GA said she'd work for me! im about to go to the country club with sarah to go lay out! well....for the past like month i've been writing this book....i know it may sound stupid....believe me...im no writer!!! but when it comes to me and justin....that's a topic i could write on for the rest of my life...well..when we got back together in january..i read him a journal i'd written...and he said....somebody should write a book about us...i mean if you think about it....we'd make a pretty good book....i've already written like 20 pages...and its not even passed a year yet! i figured...im goin off to school in a year...and that i could give him that when i go...cause i dont want him to ever forget what we had....i think i've got the better memory.i care about him a lot...i really do...but im so scared for him!! i saw him the other day...and he's just not JUSTIN anymore! i guess i just know what he's capable of..and right now...he's just lost. but anyways...i guess i still do care! it's a feeling i really dont want to ever give up. and it sucks....real bad....cause i shouldn't! i ran into his dad in mr. chick yesterday...and his dad was like....have you found justin a replacement yet? i told him no...but i wanted to tell him how impossible that is...his dad wouldn't understand though...nobody would....cause nobody else sees the person that i do! i really do believe in him! i just hope maybe one day....he'll realize how great he is. cause he deserves so much more than all this! well, sorry to bore yall with justin!! haha....but if anybody asks....i dont care...shhhh! well caprice is on a boat trip right now with jamie and his family.....they are so cute together...lol...but caprice says they'll always just be friends! well im about to go lay out! i love you guys! MuAh! holla!

*the person that makes you smile, is the person that's worth the while*

*it's something like a broken heart*

*sometimes i feel that im so lucky to have had the chance to love this much, god gave me a moment's grace, cause if i'd never seen your face...i probably wouldn't be this way*

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