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*ReCoVeRiNg..lol* - *~tHe FaBuLoUs LiFe Of AlLiSoN StOdDaRd~*
June 13th, 2005
11:19 am


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well i had to get up and go to weight room this morning for cheerleading...turns out the softball team goes at the same time as us...so while they were nice and cool in the weight room...us cheerleaders...were running around the whole school! i've never ran so much in my life...lol! we ran the whole school...then up and down the stadium 3 times...suicides and then worked out! lol...i was tired!!! haha well vanessa just called me a lil while ago and asked me to come over to her house...we're gonna go swimmin and lay out! cause finally the ran is gone...lol...not that i dont love the rain...me and caprice like to play in it! that's always fun! well i have to go shoppin sometime this week to get my stuff for senior pictures! mine are on june 23 at 11:15! that's like a week and 2 days! then im living for chile in SOUTH AMERICA! im gonna be gone there from june 28-july 6! that's gonna be fuN! it's winter there..so it's gonna be a lil chilly! well things are goin good so far...i've talked to clark everyday since he's been gone...:) but ally wants me to meet a guy from pelham..and i told her i would..so i dunno! im just gonna play the field for a while...cause i dont want to be serious my senior year..i just want to have fun..cause who knows...im moving in a year no matter what...whether its ATL...or wherever..who knows..maybe nebraska..that'd be random..lol...the point is...i just want to have fun..and have as lil drama has possible..but i guess that'd mean the hoes would have to keep their legs closed..and that's NEVER gonna happen...lol...a girl can dream can't she? lol! lifes crazy......well i love you guys...and thanks for reading about my very INTERESTING life...lol! things couldn't be better!!! well unless clark was still in cairo...lol...jokin! aite im about to go for a swim! holla!!!!

*if loving you is wrong, i dont want to be right*

*why fall in love...you get more attention when your single? lol*

*if i never tell you again....know that im gonna be there til the very end* :)

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Don't Cha (wish your gf was a freak like me)-pussycat dolls

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